VeloCity – a new spatial strategy

VeloCity – a new spatial strategy

Our multidisciplinary team, which includes Tibbalds, Mikhail Riches, Featherstone Young, Marko and Placemakers, Expedition Engineering & Khaa, proposes ‘VeloCity’ – a unique spatial strategy that employs the forthcoming fast rail and road networks to create a finer grain vision of newly connected networks generating a shift towards cycling and walking supported by new automotive transport.

The vision has been developed to enrich village life and a sense of place, while creating new homes and working environments in healthy and socially cohesive places. It draws on the use of high speed data and technology to foster new employment opportunities and the enrichment of the natural environment. We do not believe there is just one solution to future expansion and how the countryside copes with change has been overlooked until now.

The NIC was asked to provide the government with proposals to maximise the corridors potential as a globally competitive knowledge-intensive cluster protect the high-quality environment, and provide much-needed homes and jobs.

More information about our submission and the competition, can be found here:

We also invite you to e-mail your support of Velocity to where the public’s views are being registered.


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